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About us

M.A.Y.O. Youth Ministry is dedicated to the idea that the most important time in any person's life is their formative years as a teenager,  We aspire to:


 - provide a safe, secure, well supervised, welcome and most importantly fun environment for teenagers to gather together.


 - Assist teenagers explore and grown in their faith at their own pace


 - Help teenagers connect to their peers and the wider community


 - Develop the youth in our community into leaders in their church community and beyond.


What We Do


MAYO was born from the realization that at a time when youth are being pulled in a thousand different directions and influenced by so many different people and factors; Catholic teenagers need a safe place to be a part of a community, interact with their peers and encounter positive role models outside of their parents and teachers.


We believe that teenagers need a safe, fun, well supervised and positive experience; especially in a society where they are over scheduled, over-stressed and in desperate need of acceptance and guidance.  Beginning in September of 2012 we set out to create such a program.  Beginning at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills we started out first gathering and have now expanded to include Friday night meetings, a cutting edge teenager developed bible study, a monthly MAYO Mass night, multiple community service projects and a Leader-In-Training program.  


Faith it does not make things easy; it make things possible
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